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Ori Top

Ori-top is closed cell polystyrene made by injection molding process with density varying from 20 to 35 kg/m³ according to the customer request.

The panel size,  from 1220mm x 620 mm and in any thickness require.

What is Expanded Polystrene ?

Oriental polystyrene products co LLC is the key manufacturer of environmental friendly CFC free EPS products.  We are the major producers/service providers of thermal insulation products for the construction sector like insulation boards for roof& wall, Piper insulation sections for various applications, Fish/Vegetable Boxes, packing material and miscellaneous shapes of EPS blocks.  Our sophisticated production facility is located in Rusayl Industrial Estate, Sultanate of Oman.

Oriental Polystyrene Products Company consists of plant and machinery employing the latest technology to produce expanded polystyrene products. Advanced computerized sheet/pipe section cutting system and large storage facilities for raw materials and finished products. And our logistics helps us to delivery our goods to customers in time.

EPS is manufactured from styrene monomer, derivative of ethylene and benzene by using a polymerization process. EPS is light weight cellular plastic material consisting of small spherical shaped particle containing about 98% air. This micro cellular closed cell construction provides EPS with excellent insulating and shock absorbing characteristics.

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